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2012 Kitchen Design Trends to Avoid

August 2, 20121 comment

So what’s on trend for the new kitchen? A writer from the Akron Beacon Journal via the Twin Cities Star Tribune says the following:

Traditional kitchen with built-in table dining.

photo credit: Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune

Clean Lines: No more “ornate Tuscan and French country.” Thank goodness. As designers, we agree that contemporary influences have come to the forefront. I would venture to bet some of this is due to significantly smaller budgets and not just exposure to TV and upscale hotels. Homeowners are now forced to consider transitional styles that will appeal to the most buyers on resale.

Built-In Dining: Table-height extensions of the counter add function and a unique look. This trend is more for larger kitchens with enough square feet. Even then, I’d opt for a table instead because it generally gives better flow for the space. A super huge island with a table extension works for a few kitchens, but it’s a long, long way around it if you need something on the other side or at the other end. We’re not big fans of the dogleg format for the island either because it can have awkward lines.

Going Sustainable: This is a big trend right now and a good trend for our environment. One could argue, however, that a lot of natural products, such as wood floors and stone counter tops are not sustainable. Check the sources for these materials and their finishes to make sure the manufacturer is following sustainability in all steps of their processes.

Signature Lighting: Hand blown glass pendants are popular. Kitchen lighting is primarily all about task lighting. Each area needs to be lit for its task, and the style of lighting should work with the rest of the space as either a focal point or blend with the entire design. Hand blown glass pendants haven’t been a big trend since Murano glass came on the scene long before the housing boom. And remember, it’s all about scaling your fixtures to fit your space.

Kitchen Bars: This should be labeled beverage areas, and yes, beverage coolers, wine refrigeration and bar sinks add a second area for another person to utilize the kitchen. Beverage areas are still found in game rooms and great rooms too, and they will keep the parties going in those spaces for decades to come.

Pumped Up Color: Trendy-colored painted kitchen cabinets are a big no-no in today’s real estate market. Nothing in the home’s permanent build out should have strong color. Colors trend faster than anything else in design. Remember the 70’s harvest gold and green? The 80’s blacks and the 90’s whiter whites? The 2000’s will be about lime green, and now we have pop orange and coral. Colors are great for photos, magazines and TV, but not for resale, so keep any bold color in accessories and paint that can be easily toned down for your first open house! If you want painted cabinetry, a neutral tone is a good choice.


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  1. Peter Barker Reply

    Completely agree with what you say about each area of the kitchen needing it’s own lighting station – I love the low hanging lights that you can get to just sit over the dining table.

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