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10 Steps to the 5-minute Kitchen Redesign

April 30, 2013No comments

Every Monday morning my husband, the chef, leaves for work early. I have a ritual of standing in our kitchen imagining how it could be cleared for the week. It’s a small kitchen, so we have limited space and it gets worked hard.

Here are my 10 tips for redesigning your space:

  1. Fresh kitchen towels. All the towels from the prior week go into the laundry, and I pull out a couple of fresh folded waffle weave or flour sack towels to use for the week.
  2. Make sure all the hand washing is done and put away. You know those lingering few items that can’t go in the dishwasher? Wash them and put them away.
  3. Wipe down counter top appliances and put them away as well. Either place them in an appliance garage, or in a pantry. I only leave out the coffee maker because it is used daily.
  4. You know those spices and oils that sit out near the stove? Put them in a cool location away from the heat. They will keep their flavor longer. And they won’t collect dust.
  5. Dish soap and scrubbies can be placed under the sink to keep soap scum off the counter and sink itself. I leave out the hand-soap and paper towels so that every square inch of counter is useful.
  6. Fresh fruit or vegetables on the counter? Place them in a bowl or on a plate so they won’t stain the counter and can be moved easily for more counter space.
  7. Any yellowed artwork or clippings on your refrigerator? Clear them off and save them in a file somewhere else. Time for new art and inspiration or just a wonderfully reflective surface of the refrigerator that brings more light into your kitchen.
  8. All newspapers, magazines, mail and cardboard are recycled at our home on every other Wednesday. I use every Monday as the day to separate and place everything in a separate bag for the next garbage pickup day. All the bags go out to the recycling bin.
  9. The miscellaneous. There are always one or two things that are sitting on the counter because they need replacement or attention. Like a battery or a screw or some sort of adapter. Resolve those issues every week and they won’t end up sitting on your counters for months.
  10. Give the space a fresh element, even if it’s from your refrigerator drawer like oranges or apples. Squash and herb plants are a great solution as well. And every grocery store has bunches of fresh flowers just waiting for a good home!

Now that all the decks are cleared so to speak, I can think about breakfast, lunch, and dinner preparation in our clean and cleared out kitchen space. Whenever we restyle or reset a room, we clear the space first to help rethink the functionality and flow. This works for kitchens as well.


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