The most obvious reason to remodel a kitchen is to improve upon something that’s not working for you. This can apply to aesthetics but most often to functionality. Usually, lack of storage and organization are at fault. Of the 9 Common Kitchen Complaints, as reported by The, the first 3 listed are:

1. Ugly and Outdated Cabinets

2. Lack of Storage

3. No Counter Space

We couldn’t agree more. Additionally, along with these top complaints, includes poorly planned workflow and inadequate room for trash/recycling bins. Again, we agree completely. Updates that include kitchen cabinet storage ideas go a long way to address all three of these top problems. It’s your kitchen, so make it work for you.

Pull-out cabinet organizers combine the best of design and utility for optimal storage, function and style. There are pull-out cabinet drawers and roll-out organizers to solve most kitchen storage problems.

Pull-Out Storage Cabinets are one of the most unique pantry ideas around. They allow you to stash away small items in a convenient place with adjustable shelves. Finally, you no longer have to worry about digging through multiple small items in search of the salt. Instead, everything is easy to see and access.

Pull-out cabinets can help you wrangle those little bottles of herbs and spices, and other small bottles or cans, making them easy to find and keep organized. Adjustable shelves are available in wall cabinets, base cabinets or a frameless filler.

Cleanliness is just as important in a kitchen as storage and organization. Remember to keep your sink area ship-shape as well. A Pull-Out Trash and Recycling bin is a great example of the perfect tool to keep near your sink. This solution will help you easily dispose of messes and keep them out of sight.

Smart storage solutions by CliqStudios keeps your kitchen organized with features such as this base cabinet with convenient double bins for trash and recycling, shown here in Shaker cabinet style in painted White finish.

If you’re constantly pawing through drawers and cabinets for essential items you need for meal prep, Pantry Cabinet Roll-Out Trays are one of the most useful kitchen cabinet storage ideas for you. Constructed of solid hardwood with dovetail joints, roll-out trays are sliding cabinet shelves that bring the entire shelf contents out for easy access and visibility.

Designed entirely in-house, the CliqStudios Pots & Pans Organizer nests into a base cabinet Roll-Out Tray. A simple but powerful storage accessory, it contains two slightly angled half-depth shelves designed to hold lids. Underneath is a large space, tall enough to accommodate all but the largest of cookware. Basically, it’s a simple but powerful accessory.

Keeps pots, pans, and lids together and organized with a Pots & Pans organizer.
Roll-out Trays allow easy access to hard-to-reach items.

Check out all of the CliqStudios Pull-Out Cabinets and Roll-Out Trays. Each is designed for maximum utility and efficient use of space. All share the simple goal of creating a kitchen design that works in harmony with your lifestyle. Connect with one of our professional kitchen designers online for a free consultation and design plan, and see how they can help solve your storage problems and get organized!

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