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The Beauty of Paint

Painted cabinets offer a classic, clean look for your kitchen. From black kitchen cabinets to white kitchen cabinets, your color options are nearly endless with paint. Because of this, painted kitchen cabinets are a great way to add an unexpected, yet stylish touch to your home. For example, two-toned kitchens, a combination of two different colors of painted cabinets, are popular and an easy way to create a truly unique look.

Characteristics of Paint

For all painted door styles, CliqStudios.com® uses a high-quality medium-density fiberboard for the center panel to help with the stability of the door. Painted cabinets generally require more maintenance for chips, marks, finger prints and residue from normal kitchen use. Paint may have a slight difference in tones between doors, drawer fronts and face frames.

The natural features described below are normal and are not considered defects:
Over time, paint finishes will develop hairline cracks, most notably around the hardware and joints. This aging results from natural expansion and contraction of the wood, which occurs during seasonal temperature changes. Excessive exposure to smoke and poorly ventilated kitchens can drastically change the color and appearance of painted cabinetry.

Painted joint hair line cracks are normal for painted doors.

Available Painted Door Styles

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