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The Beauty of Oak

Oak kitchen cabinets are popular for their durability and timeless quality that works well in many interior design styles. Oak hardwood often shows a variety of natural patterns, which give each piece a one of a kind look.

Straight grain oak, also known as rift sawn, has an elegant, straight-line appearance, which sets it apart from the more common “cathedral grain” of quarter sawn oak. Its inherent and enhanced stability makes straight grain oak a more desirable and higher value alternative than quarter sawn oak for any application.

Characteristics of Oak

Oak is very hard, and its dense, coarse grain makes it highly resistant to damage. Oak is known for its distinct rays that add to its attractiveness and appeal. Variations in grain and flecking may appear in oak cabinets.

The natural features described below are normal and are not considered defects:

The images below are different types of unstained oak hardwood

Available Oak Door Styles

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