Kitchen Design Creates Unfitted Style with Traditional Cabinets

CarltonPainted Linen Bisque Glaze

A kitchen with an unfitted style will appear to have grown naturally over time as freestanding pieces are added. Primary among those freestanding pieces are a sideboard or pantry cabinet and a work table. Below are two examples of kitchens built with traditional raised panel cabinets (CliqStudios Carlton) in white or glazed linen finishes.

The kitchen on the left creates an unfitted look by breaking up walls of cabinets into sections of different heights, finishing each section with crown molding to give the look of individual furniture pieces. The glass-door cabinets enhance that effect. The island, a staple of modern kitchen design, stands in place of the traditional central work table.

The kitchen on the right has a sideboard and pantry cabinet wall that only on close inspection reveals itself as built of standard cabinet units. Next to the open shelves, stacked cabinets reveal a ledge of wooden counter, creating the effect of a separate piece of antique furniture. Yet, the wall offers easy access to interior storage space and ease of cleaning that are the hallmark of fine cabinets.

Both kitchens are examples of how our customers and designers apply creative and personal style to the use of semi-custom cabinets to build unique spaces.

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Cabinet Photos

Black and white kitchen has white cabinets and black countertops, backsplash and wall paint, with industrial chandelier over the island
refrigerator and pantry wall built of raised panel cabinets includes open shelves and tall pantry cabinets

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