Red Beadboard Perks Up Traditional White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

DaytonPainted White

How to remodel a kitchen in an older home without losing the traditional feel, while reflecting the homeowner’s lively personality? In the photo below, the basic kitchen remodel was accomplished with classic white Shaker cabinets. Bright red beadboard on the back of the peninsula introduced a delightful note – without impacting resale down the road.

The red accent color is continued in decor, in plaid bar stool upholstery, cookbook covers and basketry. The transitional design includes traditional cabinet crown molding that reflects the home’s original millwork (seen at the kitchen door). Industrial glass pendants light up the space, whiel a cozy table lamp on the counter draws attention to the antique scale and teapot. and an interesting combination of ceramic tile styles leads from kitchen to dining room. The finishing touch? A cat just waiting for a snack at the door. It’s clear who is boss in this space!

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remodeled kitchen has red peninsula, white shaker cabinets, traditional stacked crown molding, mullion door cabinet with pebbled glass and industrial glass island pendants

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