Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Design in Unique Renovation

DaytonPainted White

These cabinets are very good quality, and come with touch-up kits for each of the colors we ordered. It takes a little longer to get them, because they don’t just come off of a shelf in a flat box in some big production warehouse. I can assure you that the wait is well worth the custom look, and sturdy construction, as well as the quality you get for the price. The difference being that you need a bit of knowledge on how to install them, or hire a cabinet installer to give you a hand. We would do it all over again the same way. My husband and I are very happy with the results. The granite will be installed next week.

The images below are not true to color, but let you imagine what this kitchen will look like when the granite countertop is installed on the deep garnet island. The perimeter wall is grounded with near-black Shaker cabinets, while glass-door wall cabinets create a light, bright focal point and custom crown molding enhances the spacious effect created by the vaulted ceiling. Brushed nicked cup pulls and a consistent Shaker style pull all sections of cabinetry together.

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Cabinet Photos

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