Cherry Shaker Cabinets Transform Kitchen

DaytonCherry Russet

We can’t begin to explain the transformation our home experienced with the help of Shelly and Cliqstudios. She quickly embraced the idea of opening up the space and provided critical expertise to make it the most spectacular kitchen in our entire subdivision. The people that come through the front door all have the same response. In a word they all say “WOW”!

We love what out customer has done with her space as much as she loves her design service and kitchen cabinets. Cherry cabinets in a simple Shaker style set a dressy tone for this open kitchen. The custom mosaic over the range, crowned by frosted glass door cabinets at the clerestory level, creates a beautiful focal point. Decorative cabinet doors on the seating side of the island tie the space together  with a totally finished furniture effect, completed by matching cherry and leather bar chairs and modern pendant island lighting. A few carefully chosen pieces of glass artwork displayed atop the wall cabinets complete the design.

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