From Extreme Sticker Shock Locally To New Dream Kitchen

DaytonPainted LinenCharles RWashington, DC

Our old boxed-in kitchen lacked design or function. The peninsula in the middle was actually a radiator that a previous owner moved into the middle of the kitchen/dining area, then built a box around to serve as a countertop. Our cabinets were rickety, poorly built, and were falling off the wall. Now we have stylish and well-built cabinets in a space that meets our needs so much better. Our pantry on the side grants us some much needed storage space. The soft-close doors are amazing. I can’t believe that we spent a year dealing with poor flow and pitiful storage. CliqStudios was awesome to work with. My fiancĂ© and I went to a local cabinet store on the recommendation of our contractor, however we came away with extreme sticker shock and an unpleasant taste in our mouths with how we were treated. I promptly did some research online to find out other options for our renovation. I ran across CliqStudios in my search and went about building my dream kitchen outlay online. Not only did we get the amount of cabinets to fulfill our dream, but they were about half the cost of what were quoted at the other place. Eventually I got in contact with AJ, and my experience just went up from there. The online design sessions and responsiveness was absolutely incredible. AJ made some great suggestions that were included in our final design. Everything about the experience was incredible.

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Before & After Photos

Washington DC kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Dayton Painted Linen cabinets

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