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DaytonOak SaddleR- WSomerville, Massachusetts

We are renovating a 1890s home in Somerville, MA. The original kitchen layout included a closet and pantry in the rear, along with a small enclosed back porch. The bathroom entrance was in the kitchen as well. We tore down the walls to create an open plan and gained additional floor space by making the porch part of the kitchen. We also moved the bathroom entrance to another room. In the new space, we created an island for the stove and had plenty of room for a generous cabinet run and peninsula. We put the oven where the bathroom door used to be and created a dining area in the back where the porch was. We decided to use Dayton cabinets with Straight Grain Oak to keep to the style of our home. CliqStudios designer Bret worked tirelessly with us to come up with a cabinet configuration to meet our needs and budget. Bret was especially helpful on the kitchen island where we put the cook-top stove with deep drawers for pot storage, spice and tray racks and smaller drawers. We used a matching oak skin with moldings to cover the island’s back side with a style mimicking the Dayton drawer design. Elsewhere in the kitchen, we used glass doors to give the cabinet run a lighter feel. Below, we used the corner “Super Susan” to maximize our storage. When guests come into our kitchen we always get the nicest complements. CliqStudios certainly deserves a lot of the credit!

More Before & After Photos

Before & After Photos

Somerville Massachusetts kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Dayton Oak Saddle cabinets

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