Cabinets Well Constructed, Kitchen Designer Great

Dayton Painted Linen Steve M

The online process was very smooth, and the designer was great to work with. She was very patient through the process with all of the questions and changes we had. We always got a timely response. We had numerous changes early on to determine the main design of the room. Jessica was always courteous and prompt, and was great at explaining things that we needed elaboration on. We had multiple emails exchanges every day and were never left wondering what the status of the design was. Shipping was adequate. We received a tracking number, and the cabinets were delivered before their estimated time of arrival. The cabinets are well constructed, though there were some minor paint blemishes here and there. I am not a fan of the drawer rails used. Often the part which is screwed to the drawer comes loose or off completely. The screws are fairly small, not much grip. So when they come out, you may need to find a larger screw, or fill the hole and re-screw, or even glue. The rears of the rails also are prone to slide from side to side. This makes adjusting them easy, but they can shift over time if you are prone to opening a larger drawer from one side rather than the center. One upper cabinet received had a warped face frame that didn’t allow it to be flush with the adjoining cabinet, but was promptly replaced with no hassle. The touch up kits, the “fill stick” color for the painted linen seemed more yellow and was more noticeable than the paint touch up.

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