Truly Just An Amazing Experience.

Carlton Painted Linen Bisque Glaze Melissa W Massachusetts

Absolutely amazing — from the very beginning even until after delivery. Truly just an amazing experience. I renovated the kitchen and both bathrooms in my home this year. Working with CliqStudios for the kitchen cabinets was, by far, the easiest and least stress-inducing part of it all. I always felt in control of the process and that I was being given honest, accurate and legitimate feedback, regardless of how many times I went back and questioned or re-questioned a thought or concept. I have no doubt that my positive experience working with CliqStudios was due to the partnership in working with my designer Angela N. Her suggestions and recommendations stayed true to what I was trying to accomplish and within my budget. If you end up working with CliqStudios and having Angela N. assigned to work with you, you will walk away a very happy and satisfied customer. The delivery was less than desirable. Two cabinets had visible damage, and the delivery company was outright rude. Reaching back out to CliqStudios informing them of the damage cabinets, replacements were shipped ASAP and happily, using a different delivery company. That process went incredibly well. With my house being 30 years old, and the kitchen being as small as it is, working with CliqStudios was the best choice for me. The product is of the utmost highest quality. I shopped around locally for “touch and feel” but CliqStudios was able to offer everything I saw in stores, and, hands-down, for a better value.

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Newbury Massachusetts kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Carlton Painted Linen Bisque Glaze cabinets

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