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Rockford Painted White Annmarie B New York

Space, space, space, how can I maximize it in a NYC studio kitchen, with a small layout, nonstandard dimensions, and annoying salespeople who decide to increase pricing just because of where you live? With all these concerns, I searched the internet and CliqStudios was the one company I found, at that time, which had a process to provide pricing in less than 3 days with renderings. Although my kitchen looks small, it was a large order that only one piece was damaged due to the trucking company. I took pictures, emailed them to CliqStudios, a replacement part was shipped out in a timely manner, and they dealt with the shipping company. My overall experience was great and I would highly recommend them. I followed the instructions from their online video, took all the dimensions as indicated, had my contractor come and verify them, signed off on the dimensions, paid by credit card, within the indicated time my shipment was coordinated, and delivered. The online process eliminated any additional middlemen. Working directly with CliqStudios, with the reasonable pricing for their high quality products, made not only the delivery process less stressful but also increased the value of my NYC studio. I am very satisfied with the results.

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