A Major Cut Above

Dayton Cherry Russet Charles M New York

AJ: I couldn’t be happier with the product and with your guidance through the process. The quality of the product relative to price is superb. Because of a later design decision we made due to some plumbing surprises, I had to cut the back 3″ off of the cabinet to the left of the refrigerator. I took that cabinet to the shop I have in the garage of my weekend house and basically took it apart and put it back together. I saw firsthand exactly how it is put together in the first place. The construction design is clever and solid. I’m very impressed. Your guidance through the design, order and delivery process was excellent. I’ve commented to a number of people that the time and care you took to ensure that there were no glitches and that we would be happy with the end product was definitely a major cut above what one has come to expect. “Customer service” isn’t a hollow motto at CliqStudios . . . you guys really mean it.

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New York kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Dayton Cherry Russet cabinets

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