Waited 36 Years To Remodel

CarltonMaple Caramel Jute GlazeLois GNara Visa, New Mexico

Throughout the 36 years we have owned our home, we have always been disappointed with our kitchen, which has remained unchanged since 1951. We live100 miles from the nearest hardware store, carpenters and installers, so we were stuck until we found CliqStudios online. We were so impressed with the CliqStudios construction and value compared to other cabinets we had seen. Our designer, Jessica, stayed on the phone with me as long as I needed to make the decisions that I had questioned for 36 years. My husband and I did all the work, from the design, the sizes of cabinets ordered, tearing out the wall, scraping floors, laying new floor, striping paint, plastering and repainting, installing cabinets, crown molding, and door framing. You can see from the before and after pictures, taken from the same angle, the wall and the “L” shaped cabinets no longer exist after the remodel, creating a much more open space. Removing the wall allowed us to find a new place for the refrigerator next to the sink and install cabinets alongside the stove. We also added cabinets at the far end of the kitchen and created a computer shelving unit. The kitchen is much lighter and more functional. I am no longer separated from the family in the adjacent dining room while I am working in the kitchen. Now, every time I come into my new kitchen, I feel like I am in someone else’s house. I love it! Thank you CliqStudios and Jessica!

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Before & After Photos

Nara Visa New Mexico kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Carlton Maple Caramel Jute Glaze cabinets