From Cave To Bright, Open Kitchen

DaytonPainted WhiteNathan BMilbank, South Dakota

We moved into our 1980s wallpaper palace and knew we needed to update the kitchen! It looked and felt like a cave with the soffit, dark cabinets, and lack of good lighting. The placement of the refrigerator also caused a traffic jam every time anyone tried to pass by the fridge when the door was open. We knew that we would be able to utilize the space better if we moved some things around. Our designer Jayelynn helped us come up with a solution to the problem that also visually opened our space and made a place for a large pantry! The Dayton Painted White cabinets made our kitchen so bright! Our entire experience with CliqStudios was great! The order process is easy and the cabinets were delivered even faster than promised. We installed the cabinets ourselves and the way they were packaged made the process go smoothly. We love our new bright open kitchen!

More Before & After Photos

Before & After Photos

Milbank South Dakota kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Dayton Painted White cabinets

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