Modern Kitchen Design is Beautiful And Functional

DaytonBirch SableDeanna WEast Sandwich, Massachusetts

We were trying to update our 1980s kitchen in our 1970s contemporary home. We had three high-end kitchen designers come in to look at our kitchen, and they were at a loss as to how to incorporate the -foot brick wall taking up half of the kitchen. After some online research, we discovered CliqStudios. We contacted the website, and within days, Shelly sent us a design we loved. We did the remodel ourselves, so Shelly was the only professional involved in the project and what a professional she is. We love the new kitchen — it is beautiful and functional. We were highly impressed with the quality and construction of the cabinets. I only wish we could submit more photos to show the other half of the room because she designed an awesome storage and seating area!

Deanna’s East Sandwich, Massachusetts, home was ready for a modern kitchen, but three designers were stumped by the thick brick wall. We are pleased that Shelly found a solution, one that respects the original architectural vision while providing the open, modern style that Deanna was looking for. Floating black glass door shelves complement the brick surface without competing, forming a contemporary hearth zone around the pro gas range.

More Before & After Photos

Before & After Photos

modern kitchen design has floating black cabinets with glass doors on brick wall, six-burner gas range, white marble countertops and stucco finished interior walls
Before remodeling, picture of Massachusetts kitchen with brick wall, white laminate cupboards, and linoleum floor

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