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Dayton Birch Sable Henry M California

I was on the Web looking for kitchen cabinet manufacturers, and discovered your site. I made a review of your site and discovered that your company made quality cabinets and decided to place an order in late September 2013. I placed an initial order and the very next day Jilda called me and explained she would be my design contact for my kitchen remodel project. Jilda first asked my qualifications since I was going to be the installer. We next reviewed each cabinet selected. I asked about any recommendations for a base cabinet for a Farm Sink, and Jilda was very helpful in recommending the use of a 36″ wide by 21″ high refrigerator top cabinet, along with all of the trim pieces required. I discovered that Jilda was very knowledgeable about all of your product line. Jilda was also found to be very pleasing to work with and gave respect to all of my dumb questions. Jilda provided guidance for all of the cabinets selected. Jilda had a very positive attitude when changes were requested by my wife and made sure she was doubly satisfied with what she wanted her kitchen to look like. Jilda was very helpful in making additional shipping changes do to not being able to get a 53′ trailer in my yard. Shipping tracking numbers were provided. The trim package got lost during shipping, and I notified Jilda and she had a replacement trim package at my door within one week. An end panel was discovered not appropriately adhered to the 15″ end counter cabinet, and a replacement panel was also┬ádelivered in a timely manner. My experience working with Jilda was very valuable and do recommend that all of my friends who have become interested in replacing their kitchen cabinets use your firm. Jilda was terrific to work with. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL. My wife is very happy with the finished product.

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Chico California kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Dayton Birch Sable cabinets
Chico California kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Dayton Birch Sable cabinets

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