Amazing Transformation

RockfordBirch SableBill SBoynton Beach, Florida

I purchased a home that turned out to be a disaster. It required new walls and floors, and the kitchen was from the ’70s. It was a nightmare. We ended up having to rebuild and instead of just remodel. We found CliqStudios and I was able to fulfill my dream kitchen. I included the spice drawer, the trash drawer, and my pantry, which is such a convenience in a small home. The kitchen now has a warm cozy feeling, and the island, which we included cabinets on both sides, was the best idea. People are amazed at the transformation, and we are so pleased that we were able to include all of what we wanted. The drawers glide easily and close automatically. I have already and would again recommend anyone ready to remodel to check out CliqStudios. Any minor things we encountered were handled promptly and efficiently. They were personable and prompt in their response. This is rare quality today.

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Before & After Photos

Boynton Beach Florida kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Rockford Birch Sable cabinets

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