Dream Kitchen Made Affordable

DaytonCherry RussetJennifer HBig Rapids, Michigan

We loved the location and layout of our new home, but not the dated and tired 1980s kitchen. The cabinets showed their age with bent hinges and pealing veneer, the pale color a jarring contrast to the huge black double oven and dishwasher, small appliances cluttered the counter, and the soffit took up valuable storage space. As the kitchen is a high traffic area between the family and dining rooms, we wanted to transform the space into a warm, modern, well-organized kitchen that would blend seamlessly with the living spaces on either side. Initially we shopped local businesses but quickly learned that even modest designs were well above our budget. Just when the project seemed out of reach, we discovered CliqStudios Cabinetry. Working with our designer, we created a plan for full-height cherry cabinets around the exterior walls with furniture-like detail cove molding. At each end of the corner kitchen we installed cabinets right on the counter, each with an electrical outlet inside to create working appliance garages. The island, in birch sable, is longer than its original footprint and houses the cooktop, oven and microwave, keeping them out of direct line of sight. We did much of the work ourselves – including our highly supervised sledgehammer wielding children – but did rely on experts and local businesses for drywall installation, countertops, and other finishing details. The result of careful planning and hard work is a highly functional kitchen that reflects our taste and style.

More Before & After Photos

Before & After Photos

Big Rapids Michigan kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Dayton Cherry Russet cabinets

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