New Cabinets Were 50% Less Than Updating The Existing Cabinets

Carlton Cherry Russet John - Christine P Washington

We had intended to keep our existing cabinets as we updated out kitchen, but estimates for updating the cabinets themselves were expensive. Then we found out about CliqStudios and were able to come up with a quick estimate from the website and determined that working with CliqStudios might be as much as 50% less than updating the existing cabinets. So we contacted CliqStudios and Karla Reck became our designer. The process went very smoothly, even considering that we were going to do (and did) all the work ourselves. CliqStudios was able to provide us with everything we needed to install the cabinets and to finish and trim the installation. An interesting and enjoyable process for do-it-yourselfers! Karla, our designer, was very easy to work with. We were able to communicate our ideas and questions to her both by email and over the phone. She was very easy to get in touch with by phone, and responded to all of our questions/concerns or produced revisions to our design very, very quickly. Delivery service was OK — the driver couldn’t deliver to our driveway, and ended up using a pallet jack to move each load down our street, up our driveway, and into our garage. He halfway lost a load into the street. There was some damage to a corner of an upper cabinet (to a corner of a finished side), but because the unit could be turned upside down (and be the same) we were able to position/install the cabinet so that the damage didn’t show. Good flexibility in the design of the cabinets, there! Outstanding … we are really happy with the finished product.

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Bellevue Washington kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Carlton Cherry Russet cabinets
Bellevue Washington kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Carlton Cherry Russet cabinets

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