Haymarket, VA, Customer Calls Fairmont Cabinets Unique

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Dale of Haymarket, Virginia:

These cabinets are much more affordable than the ‘Big Box’ stores or even the individual discount stores. Even the basic cabinets at those shops couldn’t touch the price and value of Cliq’s high end cabinets.

The design process was outstanding and Kara put up with me, my budget and all my OCD design tendencies. She made some very useful suggestions that, once implemented, made a lot of sense and added to the overall usability without adding a ton of money.

Worth mentioning: There was a small build quality issue I discovered in a few of the cabinets that was likely due to using fasteners that are too small for the holes and/or over tightening them: About 10 of the screw holes for the hinges on both the door and frame were stripped, making door adjustment impossible. My CliqStudios designer made some repair suggestions and even offered to replace the entire cabinet if I wasn’t satisfied. Since the cabinets were otherwise perfect, I simply replaced the hardware with screws that had more aggressive threads (Spax Tapered Head wood screws from Home Depot, if you were wondering) and suggested that Cliq Studios do the same to prevent this problem in the future. Any of the other minor imperfections that I discovered in these cabinets were readily taken care of by the highly professional CliqStudios team.

With that said, I was very impressed with the overall build quality of these cabinets and get compliments on them all the time. They have a very warm feeling and a unique, inset design that looks at once modern and rustic without resembling the ‘every kitchen’ cabinets that you see in… Well… Every kitchen. Once adjusted properly (all inset doors require more fine-adjusting than overlays… The time spent pays off though.) they look very sharp and precisely built.

The cabinet boxes themselves are also very solidly built with robust non-sagging shelving, precise joints and quality dovetail drawers. I had a friend purchase similarly described cabinets from a local shop and their cabinets, the super-susan in particular, were extremely flimsy; with a simple MDF backer-board wrapped around a cabinet face. In contrast, the one I received from Cliq was a fully built plywood box attached to a full face. It allowed me to install that cabinet first as a ‘keystone’ of sorts and then layout the rest of the base cabinets accurately. My friends install was much more difficult (And they paid a lot more, if you were wondering.)

The features, as well, are very robust. The drawer adjustability is superb and the soft-close always works perfectly.

Overall, whether you are a contractor or just looking to cut out the middle-man for your kitchen project and do it yourself (like I did), I highly recommend Cliq Studios, the Fairmont Cabinet and Kara Lepley as a designer.

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