Traditional Cherry Cabinets in Open Kitchen Design

CarltonCherry Russet

Roxie of Anchorage, Alaska:

Stephanie was a pleasure to design with, great ideas, kept us focused. Love our end product. Great for entertaining.

Roxie chose a beautiful raised-panel door style, Carlton, built of solid cherry, with a rich russet stain. The traditional effect blends beautifully with her natural stone wall. Leather upholstered bar stools add a contemporary touch. Frosted glass door cabinets over the range continue across the wall through the corner and over the sink, adding a light touch to the cabinet wall, and a lively patterned granite countertop and backsplash brings together the natural browns and grays present in cabinets, fireplace wall and hardwood flooring. Her open kitchen design is as she said, great for entertaining, and also provides ample prep space in what would otherwise be a small kitchen. The island and base cabinet ends are finished with decorative door panels and ogee toekick molding for a furniture effect.


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