Counter-Depth Refrigerator Cabinet is a Perfect Fit

DaytonPainted White

Testimonial from Michael of Upton, Massachusetts

Great value, great cabinets, great design assistance and great service….

We love what Michael did with his space, and are delighted we could be part of the project. The bleached hardwood floor subtly enhances the light, modern look. The space is a delight to view from the adjacent living area, showing off the glass display cabinets, contemporary island chandelier, decorative back panel on the island, and tray ceiling (which houses recessed task lighting). Medium gray granite countertop blends well with the stainless appliances, and subway tile adds interest. We are glad the cabinet installer followed the designer’s instructions and built the refrigerator panels and cabinet out to the full depth of the refrigerator box. (A counter-depth refrigerator will actually project an inch or two beyond the counter, and it is a common mistake in kitchen design to fail to accommodate the full appliance in the cabinet.) A built-in island beverage refrigerator provides guests easy access without being underfoot.   

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