White Shaker Cabinets in Chicago Kitchen Remodel

DaytonPainted White

Matt, Chicago, Illinois:

Very pleased with the Dayton Shaker cabinets. Plywood construction is very solid. They get dirty very quickly but that’s the downside of white cabinets. We use a magic eraser pad to clean them and so far the paint finish still looks good. Would recommend.

Matt chose large white subway tile and black granite countertops to complement his white kitchen cabinets. He is very pleased with the cabinets and the resilience of the heat-cured factory painted finish (although we do not recommend cleaning a painted finish with a Magic Eraser). White cabinets may take some cleaning, but they are the right choice when the goal is to brighten up a space and make it feel as large as possible. The stainless range hood and slide-in gas range create a graceful focal point. Contemporary bar stools, upholstered in an over-sized herringbone pattern, add a lively touch. Simply styled angular crown molding finishes the kitchen design without overwhelming the cabinets.

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