Crown Molding

Give your cabinetry a furniture finished look with our large selection of decorative crown moldings.

  • Traditional crown molding cherry
  • Cove crown molding  cherry
  • Ceiling crown molding cherry
  • Angle crown molding cherry
  • Soffit crown molding cherry
    Traditional Crown Molding
    Crown molding traditional cherry

    Traditional Crown molding offers a time-honored look with a contemporary feel.

    Cove Crown Moldings
    Crown molding cove cherry

    Cove Crown molding features an architectural concave which provides a renaissance décor detail.

    Ceiling Crown Moldings
    Crown molding ceiling cherry

    Ceiling Crown molding is the perfect compliment to any door style or decorating scheme.

    Angle Crown Moldings
    Crown molding angle cherry

    Angle Crown molding is typically used with mission or shaker door styles, but also provides a clean contemporary feel for any cabinet styles.

    Soffit Crown Moldings
    Crown molding soffit cherry

    Soffit Crown molding is so named as it generally is installed in applications where a soffit space is present above the wall cabinets or when a low profile design is needed due to limited space between the cabinets and ceiling.

Crown Molding
A great touch for a finished furniture look
Crown molding adds a decorative furniture detail to the top of your kitchen cabinets. Decorative moldings combined with fillers and valances create a variety of design possibilities that can be used to personalize your space to your style. From under cabinet light rails to base floor trim, all molding support custom looks in your kitchen or bath. Most manufacturers use a pine core with thin veneer wrap to manufacture their moldings. Our moldings are made from solid oak, maple, birch, or cherry hardwoods, and are finished to match your selected cabinets.