Grow Green: Yellow Green Interior Design Trend

March 14, 2012No comments

Yellow green kitchen cabinets kitchen design by Barbara Schmidt, bstyle, inc.

Kitchen design by Barbara Schmidt, bstyle, inc.

Spring has sprung early this year — if you need evidence, look at the warmer-than-usual temperatures across the country. The first shoots of daffodils and tulips are sprouting, and that means a new fresh look on design and our interiors.

Green is top of mind in March because of St. Patrick’s Day and all those new plants starting to wake after their winter rest. The color is obviously one of nature, and thus of fertility and life too. For many, green also symbolizes abundance and wealth.

Certain green tones trend depending on retailers and designers. This year we are seeing a lot of yellow green, even on the kitchen cabinets. Another popular hue is that of the plastic grass green at the bottom of your Easter basket.

In the March 10th issue of People magazine, HGTV’s David Bromstad chose a number of yellow green items for interiors. Bromstad says, “Green is happy and fresh to me,” and I agree.

We like green because it always feels fresh, new, and somehow uplifting when a brighter tone is used. This month on Facebook, House Beautiful magazine posted a kitchen entirely painted in green.


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