Update on a Cliq Customer’s Kitchen Remodel

February 20, 20121 comment

Cindy, one of our customers, is a blogger from AkronOhioMoms.com and she has been tracking the process of her home remodel since the beginning. She partnered with CliqStudios to design her kitchen cabinets and has featured some fantastic posts about her experience with our product on her blog.

Lately, her family has been speedily progressing through their kitchen remodel, and we wanted to give our readers some insight into what a real Cliq kitchen remodel looks like.

At the end of January, Cindy’s cabinets were delivered into her garage while the inside of the home was prepared for installation.

After receiving her Fairmont door style inset kitchen cabinets, she inspected of each cabinet to check for damages while shipping – not a one! She said “The CliqStudios cabinets are beyond gorgeous!…The inset doors are remarkable…Honestly, I’ve never seen more beautiful cabinetry.”

CliqStudios Kitchen Cabinets Delivery

Thirty boxes of cabinet were delivered into the garage. The kids thought the boxes made great forts!

She continued, “While I fell in love with the finish and the doors, my husband and father-in-law noticed the construction. CliqStudios cabinets are nothing but high quality! Check out the dovetail drawers that come standard with all Cliq Studios cabinets. This is the best in construction for drawers, offering the best in resistance to being pulled apart.”

Cindy’s father-in-law, who is a general contractor, is helping install the cabinets. While Cindy’s favorite cabinet is the Utility Cabinet with roll out trays, her kids love the Lazy Super Susan. Her 5 year old even exclaimed, “Santa or Jesus Must Have Made the Lazy Susan because it is so amazing!” Awesome!

CliqStudios kitchen cabinets Lazy Super Susan installation

Cindy’s kids “ooo”ing and “ahh”ing over the Lazy Super Susan

After all the wall cabinets were in place, Cindy, her husband, and her father-in-law moved on to the kitchen island. Did I mention the island is gigantic? The kitchen will definitely have enough storage and seating for the whole family!

CliqStudios kitchen cabinets installation

Cabinets in place, awaiting appliances and countertops

Cindy said, “I can’t get over how beautiful the inset doors are. I find myself staring at these beautiful cabinets all the time. Just look at the details. I love the variations in the maple wood, it adds so much character.”

CliqStudios inset maple kitchen cabinets installation kitchen island

Up close of one side of the kitchen island. This is the Fairmont door style, which is inset cabinetry, with the Maple Caramel Jute Glaze finish.

After having to add new concrete to the floor to level out some areas, the Tarkett laminate flooring was reinstalled. The kitchen is nearly complete!and really is turning out great! We simply cannot wait to see the finished product and we’re excited for Cindy and her family to finally have their dream kitchen!

CliqStudios maple kitchen cabinets kitchen remodel installation

After pouring and leveling concrete, reinstalling the Tarkett laminate flooring was a breeze!


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  1. Amber Roberts Reply

    I love the look of this kitchen! I can’t wait to see more. What a great project!

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