Try a Little Minion in Your Kitchen

April 16, 2015No comments

vase of yellow daffodils on clay tile counter with yellow pottery and yellow painted wall

Every home can use an extra dose of joy and optimism. That is why Pantone named its newest fashion color Minion Yellow in honor of the well-meaning yet bumbling animated characters.

So, in celebration of Spring and Minions, add a vase of April daffodils, paint one kitchen wall a warm and cheerful yellow, or add a new piece of pottery to your display. We guarantee your spirits will be brighter!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, consider the science of color and its effect on human intellect and mood. Pantone is a leader in this area of research. The institute’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, gives the new yellow high points, noting it “heightens awareness and creates clarity…the color of hope joy and optimism.”

Not familiar with Minions? Check out the official trailer


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