Spring Gardening Tips: What to Do Right Now

March 23, 2012No comments

Cleaning dirty gutter full of leaves

Gutters need to be cleaned in the Spring as well

The warm weather has us all itching to get out to our gardens, but it’s a little early to start actually planting. Here are a few chores to do in the meantime:

1) Start fertilizing and re-potting your houseplants now.

All your houseplants need attention, and for them the growing season has already begun. Trim and check their exposure to sunlight now because the amount of sun will grow stronger in the coming months.

2) Start herb and vegetable plants inside to get a jump on the season.

Some garden stores will have starter plants out already and others have seeds available now. Make use of the steady temperature of your home and place in direct sunlight for optimal growth.

3) Clean out planter boxes and replace topsoil.

After evergreens, the topsoil will be very acidic from the fallen needles. Make sure to scoop the needles out and mix in fresh soil for the new plants.

4) Trim off dead plant growth for the new season.

We will trim our hops, hydrangea, rose bushes, lilac bushes, ornamental evergreens, etc.

5) Prune fruit trees before the buds break open so that they force re-growth.

6) Jumpstart large bulb plants indoors to give them time to beat the last frost.


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