She Sheds and Man Caves

January 20, 20171 comment

It seems the longer we are together, the more we seek to be apart…at least for part of the time. The term “man cave” has now been in popular use for several decades. Lately, we’ve seen the rise of its feminine counterpart, the “she shed.”

Man Caves are a place for gentlemen to entertain their gang. Quite often, the men-folk tend to rally around some sort of sporting event or events, and the space takes on that theme. Man caves will often feature a game room-type aesthetic, with neon lights, big speakers, and at least one large television. Colors are often bright, and may often match that of the preferred sports team. Textures are industrial and rough; designed to take the type of abuse that many men exhibit when cheering on their favorite gridiron gang to victory.

She Sheds are not only geared toward the opposite sex, but for many embody a completely opposite purpose and feeling altogether. Instead of places to entertain, she sheds are mainly seen as a place of retreat or relaxation. Smaller and more minimalist, they are celebrated as a place to escape the spouse, the kids, and the hustle of daily demands. Peaceful hues of white or pastels invite their owners to slow down and unwind, take a breath and get lost in the pages of a good book.

Ever practical, many she sheds do double-duty beyond a place of escape, and also a space to indulge in one’s passions. These include purpose-built sheds for creating crafts or sewing projects, as well as studios for painting, drawing and sculpting. Seemingly always able to do more with less, these special spaces for she often have more than one purpose, but are smaller and more intimate than their male counterparts.

If you have a man cave or she shed, please share your story and photos in the comments!



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    Would love one of either

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