Personalize Your Kitchen for a Soft and Inviting Space

June 24, 2014No comments

In the kitchen pictured below, white painted Shaker cabinets, matching refrigerator panels, and bar pull hardware establish a clean, crisp style. The upper tier of glass-door cabinets with mullion frames displays a collection of bright, rustic pottery. Open bookshelves, fanciful pendant lights and wicker stools soften and invite. Far from boring, sterile or cluttered, the beautifully decorated space says much about the owner and achieves the balance that is a trademark of transitional design.
white kitchen with glass door display cabinets
From the art-glass rooster to the teapot, touches of red ring the neutral-colored kitchen pictured below. Wide pine floorboards and an apron sink enhance the overall effect— a trip back in time to the traditional country kitchen. Yet the chef’s stove and hood make it clear this is a serious workspace for the modern chef. You can almost smell the bread baking!
rustic kitchen with pine floors, rooster theme and farmhouse apron sink
Are you looking for a way to personalize and soften your kitchen? Try the shelves at Goodwill or your local flea market. For a few dollars you can completely change the nature of the space.

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