Study Reveals Most Popular Kitchen Activities

March 2, 2012No comments

Most popular kitchen activities from Kitchen and Bath Design News

Courtesy of Kitchen and Bath Design News magazine

Eating meals and snacks is the most popular kitchen activity according to a recent survey conducted by the Research Institute of Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI). About 65% of survey respondents listed this activity as their most popular.

In January 2012, RICKI released a “SmartChart” to the kitchen and bath trade that listed 18 of the most popular consumer kitchen activities. The chart was based on the results of a nationwide survey conducted last year by RICKI called the “Remodelers 360: How Americans Use Their Kitchen & Their Remodeling Experiences.”

The second most popular activity was planning meals at 62%, followed by taking medications and vitamins listed by 49%. Gathering or talking with family and friends was fourth on the list at 46%, followed by talking on the phone at 43%, and then feeding and caring for pets at 38%.

Based on this information, eat-in kitchens have become very desirable both for current lifestyle and resale value. Organizational areas for planning, sorting and storage are also very important for today’s homeowner.

For more detailed information, look at the full article in the February issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News or contact RICKI on their website.


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