Create a Buffet or Pantry with Customized Cabinets

April 10, 2015No comments

black wall of pantry cabinets in and white island built of shaker inset cabinets with nickel hinge posts
In the kitchen pictured above, reduced-depth black Shaker-style cabinets are used to create a shallow pantry wall. Topped with crown molding, the pantry reflects the style of the original buffet in the adjacent dining space.

Modify depth of a section of cabinets for a truly unique effect or to solve a tricky problem. Our designers increase and decrease cabinet depth to create buffets and bureaus, line awkward spaces with shallow pantries, present a smooth line on an irregular wall, or break a horizontal line to add visual interest.

semi custom cabinets are used to create a furniture look effect by bumping out drawer unit to create buffet
In this charming transitional design, a drawer base is bumped out three inches and finished with furniture feet at the toekick. The effect, that of a bureau, is enhanced by the accent rug on the hardwood floor.

glass door cabinets above buffet include bump out to create a furniture look in semi custom cabinets
Here the designer bumped out the center unit in a section of glass-door wall cabinets, creating a sparkling buffet.

By working with a semi-custom cabinet line, you can get the custom features you want while keeping your total cabinet cost at a reasonable level. One of our professional designers would be happy to help you create a unique kitchen plan. We never charge for kitchen design services.

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