Making the most of Islands

January 23, 2017No comments

Islands have been at the top of kitchen remodel wish lists for years.  It’s easy to understand why everyone wants one, since the versatility that a kitchen island brings to your home is second to none.

A big kitchen island is incredibly useful for so many things!  When preparing a meal, the ability to spread out ingredients and tool makes eveyrone feel like a rock-star chef.  Islands have started to replace the kitchen table as the place to do homework for both kids and parents!  And since party guests always seem to hover around the kitchen anyway, a large island with plenty of seating makes entertaining easy!

Here are a few of our favorite ideas to add even more functionality to your  kitchen island:

  • Chalkboard paint!  Kitchen islands are already known as the center of your home, so why not put it to work.  Pick a side that has the most visibility, but won’t get earased everytime someone passes by.  It’s the perfect spot for “honey do” lists and your family’s calendar.
  • Hooks and a towel bar!  Most people try to keep a towel handy by hanging it over the stove door handle.  But guess what, every time you open the over, your towel is now dragging on the floor.  Not exactly ideal!  Adding a bar to hang towels, and hooks for hot pads, and small aprons will take one more thing off your counters to help keep things neat.  Also, when everything has a “home,” it’s a lot easier for your kitchen to stay tidy when you know exactly where stuff goes!
  • Bookshelves!  No, a bookshelf is not an afternoon project, but they pay off big! Keep your cookbooks handy and have a place to show them off too.  Beyond cookbooks, this is a great place for all those kitchen-y knick-knacks that never seem to find a proper home, and never fit in a drawer.  From egg-timers to cocktail shakers, you won’t believe how handy a few open shelves on an island can be!



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