Laundry Room Organization Ideas

April 17, 2017No comments

There must be as many ways to organize a laundry room, as there are socks that have become lost in the dryer.  From shelves to carts, baskets, and more — here are a few of our favorites.

Spacious and bright laundry room custom built with shaker style cabinets. Shown Dayton shaker cabinet style in painted White finish.

One of the simplest ways to add some organization to your laundry room is to add a curtain rod or two.  Having one central, and immediately accessible place to hang up all those “wrinkle free” shirts as they come out of the dryer will eliminate a lot of headaches later.  Consider buying hangers that are a different color or material than what you have in your closets, and you have an easy way to make sure your “laundry room hangers” don’t wander off into other parts of the house.

Larger families have larger problems, especially keeping things organized.  First, let’s give everyone his or her own laundry basket for each week’s dirties.  Each one should be prominently labeled, but stick to the same color and/or style so as not to add to the ‘visual clutter’ of the room.  If you can, build shelves that are big enough for each basket, and each with a label that matches the ones on the basket.  Now there can be no misunderstandings about whose basket goes where!

Washers and dryers can be notorious for creating a space to that simply “catches” random dirty clothing.  It’s the curse of any large, flat surface, and the one created by your dryer (and washer, if top-loading) is no exception.  The ultimate solution is to create a “built-in” look for your washer and dryer by surrounding them with cabinets!  This eliminates that flat surface, and cabinet doors hide that dirty clothing mess, while giving you a dedicated spot for detergent, softener, and all those other spray bottles that seem to multiply each week.

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