Kitchen Seating Design Ideas

December 22, 20111 comment

Beautiful white kitchen with CliqStudios white kitchen cabinets and kitchen island seating.

This kitchen island not only has ample countertop prep space, but also doubles as an eating area for quick meals.

The rise in popularity of open floor plans is lending itself well for new kitchen seating ideas. A traditional kitchen dining table with chairs on all four sides is no longer a necessity. Many homeowners are exploring different seating options to add a personal touch to their kitchen. Here are several seating ideas that homeowners are incorporating into their homes.

Kitchen island and peninsula seating

Have a small home with little space for the traditional kitchen table? Try adding seating to your kitchen island or peninsula. This creates a conversation and center point for your kitchen to revolve around.

  • The countertop should be at least 36″ high with 15″ of knee space under the counter.
  • A raised eating bar should be 42″ high with 12″ of knee space under the counter.
  • Each eating space should be a minimum of 24″ wide.

Built-in banquette seating

This L-shaped banquette has comfortable seating and is great for conversation.

Banquette seating, or booth seating, is commonly found in restaurants and can give your kitchen a cozy, more personable feel. The seat of the bench should be around 20″ high and the back of the bench should be around 42″ high. There are several ways to design banquette seating.

  • A bench on one side and chairs on the others.
  • An L-shaped bench with chairs on the other two sides.
  • A U-shaped bench surrounding three sides of the table, and an optional chair on the remaining side.
  • 2 benches facing each other, and an optional chair on the side opposite the wall.

Remember to be creative — to truly love your kitchen, you have to make it your own!

For more information on kitchen seating and the remodeling process, please see our kitchen remodeling guide.


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