Kitchen Remodel Construction Part 1: Rough Construction

January 17, 2012No comments

After your remodel is thoroughly planned, you’ve received the correct building permits, and your old kitchen and kitchen cabinets have been torn out, kitchen remodel rough construction will be able to begin.

Kitchen remodel plumbing construction

After the plumbing and electrical have passed inspection, the drywall can be installed and the walls can be finished.

During rough construction, the electrics, and plumbing will be installed. Next, after the installations have passed inspection, drywall can be put up and finished, and finally paint can be applied.

Typically, rough construction will take between two and four weeks. But, the timeline of this stage is largely dependent on how the schedules of contractors, designers, contractors, plumbers, and any other professionals needed matches up.

For example, if their schedules are fairly open and work well together, the finished product will be reached must faster. However, if their schedules are super busy, you could unfortunately see days or weeks between periods of progress. The best way to avoid this is by planning well and far in advance.

Estimated Timing for Rough Construction:

Electrical installation: 1-2 days

Floor preparation: 2-3 days

Plumbing installation: 1-2 days

Wall preparation: 2-3 days

Painting: 1-2 days

For more information on the remodeling process, check out the CliqStudios Kitchen Remodeling Guide.


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