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EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to “Kitchen of the Week.”  Beyond all of our past work you can view in the photo galleries, we sell dozens and even hundreds of new kitchens every week! With this new series of blog posts, we’re pulling back the curtain to show you some of the most recent and innovative kitchens coming out of our design studios. We want to show off how CliqStudios kitchen designers’ creativity and expertise in practical problem solving can improve every kitchen’s functionality, usefulness, and flow. Check out the high-quality computer renderings and floor plans that help you visualize your new kitchen.  You can even download the same, detailed packet of information that every CliqStudios customer receives with each order, so you exactly know what to expect! (names and prices redacted) kitchen design rendering

CliqStudios designer Vanessa was challenged to solve several unique requests with this Wayland, MA kitchen design.
  • Although the homeowners wanted a transitional design, they wished to keep some of the decorative details of the home’s original “traditional” style.
  • The space was in desperate need of improved efficiency and flow, but had to stay within the basic confines of the existing space.
  • These avid chefs needed plenty of storage to hide their small appliances, pots, pans, pantry staples, etc. kitchen design rendering kitchen design rendering kitchen design rendering

When entertaining family or friends, the clients wanted to keep cooking essentials within easy reach. To accomplish this, a pull out “spice rack cabinet” was added to the right of the range to house oils & cooking sprays. Door-mounted spice racks were added to the upper cabinet on the left of the stove to store dried herbs and spices.

Clean up is a snap with a pull-out dual trash bin cabinet right next to the sink.  Just to the right of that, cookie sheets, pizza pans, and cutting boards get their very own organized space in a large tray base cabinet.  All the silverware found a home using only one drawer thanks to CliqStudios two-level drawer insert.

To make room for a built-in fridge while creating additional pantry space, the microwave was re-positioned into the island.  The deep bottom drawer just under the microwave is customized using multi-storage dividers, and was created as a special place just for Tupperware organization!

An old built-in pantry that bumped out awkwardly into the kitchen was removed and replaced with a coffee/wet bar in that space framed with tall pantry storage cabinets.  Without losing any storage space, this change allowed for the addition of two small refrigerators and a small sink for easy coffee maker filling.  These dual beer and wine mini fridges seamlessly blend into the bar/pantry thanks to custom appliance panel frames, and the glass door upper cabinets create a space to display the homeowners’ collection of bar ware.

The clients had considered utilizing an “appliance garage” at the far left end of the sink run.  That option was explored and discarded as it made the wall look too busy. Instead, CliqStudios’ roll-out cabinets were chosen for this role, and with just a bit of planning all appliances were matched the right sized roll-out trays. This not only created the needed function and efficiency, but also created the kind pleasant symmetry and aesthetics that was important to the homeowners.

CliqStudios shaker-style Dayton cabinets were chosen for their timeless look and their versatility.  They look equally at home in a modern, minimal space, but can also be easily “dressed up” for a more traditional appearance.  To achieve this look, all of the cabinet ends and back of the island were finished with decorative door panels.  A complimenting crown molding tops all the upper cabinets, and each cabinet end also got a simple decorative “foot” that was carried through the back & sides of the island as well. kitchen design rendering


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