Thinking About Kitchen Exhaust

January 24, 2017No comments

dayton-painted-white-double-ovensAt first blush, kitchen exhaust systems may look easy.  After all, they’re just supposed to suck out that weird fish smell, right?  Well, just like most kitchen remodeling project, it’s not quite as simple as adding a big fan, and firing up that filet.

First, choose the right sized fan for the job.  How you’ll have to snake the exhaust ducts, including distance and number of turns, will affect how much air can move through the system.

When installing the hood itself, be mindful of how high it sits about the surface of your range.  The lower it is, the better “sucking” action you’ll have.  Depending on whether it’s a stainless or wood hood will determine how high you need to install it from the top of your burners.  Please consult your hood’s instructions.

Although it sounds silly to say so, make sure you’re venting to the outside!! Sending your smelly cooking fumes to the attic, crawlspace or other enclosed space is a big no-no, and is dangerous.

Make sure the exhaust outlet vent sits at far enough away from any fresh air intakes so it doesn’t get sucked back inside.  If it’s too close, you won’t like the stinky surpirse you get when you turn on your air conditioner come summer!  Extend this courtesy to your neighbors as well, and keep an eye out for any vents or windows that may end up too close.

Finally, please make sure to consult your local building codes for specific requirements in your community.



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