Kitchen Design Engineers

February 29, 2012No comments

That’s what the CliqStudios kitchen designers are for thousands of homeowners across the country — kitchen design engineers. Cliq kitchen designers take existing kitchens and transform them into efficient, functional spaces for not only cooking, but gathering as well.

An example of such a transformation is the featured kitchen design that CliqStudios’ Stacey Lindstrom worked on with a homeowner on the east coast. They’d never met, but the homeowner conveyed a desire for a custom feel and look. So Stacey went to work designing the taller upper kitchen cabinets and the completely unique corner cabinet configuration.

Dayton maple kitchen cabinets from CliqStudios

Finished CliqStudios Kitchen Design by Stacey Lindstrom

It is subtle, the bumped out detail in the corner, but it is there and included in the section where the microwave sits. Both of those upper cabinets sit slightly forward for a custom accent.

The lower corner cabinet was achieved by taking an 18-inch wide by 24-inch deep cabinet section and placing it on a diagonal. One-inch fillers were used to separate the drawers from the doors on the left and right.

By turning the cabinets on the diagonal in the corners, the visual and functional flow of the space continues around from one side of the kitchen to the other without a hard stop. More visual emphasis is on the sink area and the range and there is more functionality for the homeowner with the corner configuration.

For expert help designing your new kitchen, contact CliqStudios where Stacey and other designers can help add more space engineering into your project.


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