Design 101: How to Design Interiors Like A Professional

July 20, 2012No comments

A white living room with large focal point windows and furniture.

Here the sofa is first to be positioned in the living room along with the area rug, if there is one. Interior Designer Barbara Schmidt, bstyle, inc,

Why work with an Interior Designer?

Because they’ve chosen furnishings and finishes over and over again. As they say, practice makes perfect. Here is a quick peek at how professionals help you rethink and design your spaces.

1) Biggest Goes First: Choose the main piece of furniture for the room first. The scale and dimension of the space will be determined by that piece of furniture. For the bedroom, choose the bed, and for the dining room, choose the dining table, and for the living room, choose the sofa.

2) Walk this Way: Determine the flow or function of the room. Make sure that windows are taken into account and walkways. Does your seating area face the window or the fireplace or the focal wall? Position your main piece of furniture for the function of the room and the rest will fall into place.

3) Look Down: Make sure to determine your floor covering next. Rugs and floor coverings only come in certain sizes and colors so that should be chosen next to make sure to blend with the other pieces.

4) Move it All Around: If you think that something could work in another spot try it. The time to do this is what interior designers call installation day. We all have a plan on paper, but sometimes you’ll come up with a new, better idea when your your working hands-on moving things around. Sometimes it’s better to try a piece in another location to see if works better there.


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