Improving the Heart of Your Home

January 30, 2017No comments

For many of us, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home.  It’s not just simply another room, or even the place where your family finds sustenance.  It becomes so much more than where you cook and clean your dirty dishes.  It’s where you prepare the meals that bring together your family.  When you have a bad day, you’ll head to the kitchen to find a little comfort to help get you through until tomorrow.  The kitchen sink is where so many new babies have their first bath!

As such, renovating your kitchen is no small matter.  Other than the bathroom, it’s clearly the most often used room in the house.  But this is also why you should strongly consider updating it!  There are so many reasons to invest in a new kitchen other than because it is simply starting to show it’s age.

We could all use a little more efficiency in our lives.  Thinking about your kitchen, can both you and your partner cook at the same time?  Do you have the right kinds of storage so that you’re not always hunting around for the right cooking utensil mid-recipe?  Does your sink accommodate  your most used pots and pans without having to tilt them at odd angles?  …And so on…

From personal experience, I know that whenever we entertain, everyone seems to always end up in the kitchen, no matter if someone’s cooking or not.  When you host a party, does your kitchen attract everyone like a magnet as well?  Consider how your guests and your family would be able to interact with the kitchen (and the cook!) with a new layout.

After curb appeal, the kitchen is where home buyers look first.  No, not everyone is looking to sell their home in the foreseeable future.   However, never say never!  When the time comes, what will potential buyers see if your kitchen is dated, faded, and tired? Keep in mind that kitchen remodels come with a very high return-on-investment, but they have an even higher return-on-enjoyment!


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