How to Establish a Budget for Your New Kitchen or Remodel

October 6, 20112 comments

Kitchen Remodeling Budget

This chart shows how much of your budget should be spent on each part of a kitchen remodel.

The biggest factor in getting your remodeling project underway is determining a budget that works for your financial situation and that buys the right quality of kitchen you’re looking for. So, the task of determining your kitchen remodeling budget shouldn’t be taken lightly or made hastily. This is especially true because the kitchen is often the center of any household and is the room that sees the most action.

In our kitchen remodeling guide, we’ve laid out some steps and tips to creating a budget and allocating money to certain parts of the remodel. For example, this chart should be used as a general rule for how to divide up the money from your budget.

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  1. Albuquerque home builders Reply

    Great post! Determine your top most priority whenever you will be remodeling your kitchen. Through this, you can be able to estimate how much you would be spending.

  2. home builders Missouri Reply

    This post is very helpful in determining the budget for a kitchen remodel. The graph is very educating on how to divide the money at hand. Great read!

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