The Ultimate Landing Pad: Your Entryway

April 25, 2012No comments

Maple woodwork and cabinets used in this entryway


bstylehome just redesigned an entryway in a contemporary home. The original storage structure was made out of melamine open shelves. Sliding wire baskets were placed within the shelves, so the entire storage system and the stored items were open to view.

To redesign the entryway, we enclosed a closet area using maple woodwork that matched the rest of the home. The closet contains three areas for storage. The top area is a double shelf that holds medium-sized clear bins for hats, gloves, and mittens.

The second area is a sturdy metal rod for hanging heavy coats. Lastly, the third area is a layered shoe shelf for boots and shoes at the bottom of the closet.

On the opposite side of the entryway, we’ve designed a custom bench with drawers underneath for more storage. The drawer insides are made with metal for easy cleaning.

The entryway features a heated tile floor, so that messy boots and shoes can be left out in the garage to dry and the first step into the house is warm, inviting, and clean.

We added custom sconces and a directional light for the large artwork hanging above the bench. Now everything will be in it’s place hidden from view.


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