How to Style a Minimalist Home

April 11, 2012No comments

Minimal living room designed by Barbara Schmidt, bstyle, inc.

Designer Barbara Schmidt, bstyle, inc.

It was the early 1990s when everything went all white — kitchen cabinets, appliances, floors, trim and slipcovers. The design world responded to the fashion influences of Prada and placed emphasis on what wasn’t there instead of what was.

Today’s minimalism has warmed up since then. We’ve added pale wood tones and grays to balance out the stark blue-based whites.

Here are some ways to achieve a minimal look without breaking the bank:

1) Paint walls soft off-whites, warm grays or taupes. By layering color tones the whole room will take on a sophisticated palette.

2) Check out Calvin Klein for inspiration in room décor and styling. Subtlety is Calvin’s middle name and no one photographs a room with a more minimalistic eye than the marketing team for Calvin Klein.

3) Look to Danish Teak classic furniture for more inspiration. The clean lines of Danish design feel high end, and designer and vintage pieces can still be found in second hand stores.

4) Use natural elements as sculpture. Look for a great branch or unusual set of rocks for a centerpiece. Nothing is better than bringing the outside in and finding an amazing piece for free from nature.

5) Store away any clutter. Here’s a chance to brush up on your organizational skills and recycle or donate all the dusty piles of possessions that are not needed any longer.

6) Simplify lighting. Add simple lighting sources that have a minimal feel such as an IKEA floor lamp or pendant.

7) Slipcover your furniture if the color tone isn’t blending into your monochromatic space. Cotton slipcovers can clean up any aging sofa’s blemishes. Just make sure to press out the wrinkles and add a textured pillow or two.


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