Harder Working Kitchen Faucets With Style

June 15, 2011No comments

image of woman using pullout spray kithcen faucet to wash peaches in colander

Today’s kitchen faucets are multifunctional and designed with ergonomic features.  Hand sprays are built into the spout, and buttons on the spouts offer a variety of spray options. Sleek designs are the most popular with a nod toward transitional style and architectural accents.

Take the American Standard Arch faucet line inspired by the architect Eero Saarinan, designer of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. This single smooth arch is a natural center point for an updated kitchen because it is the perfect blend of styles.

Whenever styles are blended together, the look is more appealing to a broader audience.  In the case of this Arch faucet, both the traditional and modern styles are present in the design, making this faucet fit perfectly into a traditional, transitional or a modern kitchen.

Blended styles also last longer in the marketplace because of their uniqueness. The newness of the blended design keeps a shelf life longer for homeowners. The transitional style is classically new – not dated in the past and not stark modern in the future either.

A kitchen faucet is an easy and quick change that falls into that do-it-yourself category. If you are handy at all, a faucet change is one of those affordable fixes to freshen up a kitchen’s style and appeal.

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