Finding Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration

February 24, 2012No comments

Recently, our newest designer stumbled upon a blog post about finding inspiration for kitchen remodeling with CliqStudios! We love finding posts like these!

The post ended up reading similar to a CliqStudios review and we were excited to hear that the messages we try to send to consumers were coming through just as we intended.

Ashley, the author, said she is pretty unfamiliar with kitchen cabinets, especially the process of researching and choosing the style right for the home. However, she stated that “even after browsing the [CliqStudios] site for 20 minutes, the idea of having to order, select, and design cabinets for a kitchen seems much less daunting. The CliqStudios site literally walks you through every step.”

The author also approved of the door style and wide color selection, including the designer paint collection. What was most important to her was that Cliq displays real photos of Cliq customer kitchens, not just staged kitchens. She said: “Most importantly to me, and I’m sure to most consumers, are photos of actual customers’ kitchens and reviews.”

We agree! Nothing beats seeing a product in action!

We were happy to read her post and to find that she recommended us: “if you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, bath, or laundry room, CliqStudios definitely looks like a studio you should consider for your cabinetry needs!”

Thanks Ashley!


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