Donna Karan’s Urban Zen is a Global Market

January 2, 2012No comments

Donna Karan Urban Zen

Donna Karan’s Elements II Collection featured in the Urban Zen Shops

A few weeks ago, Rachel and I were walking to an appointment and happened on a shop that stopped me in my tracks. “I have to go in there,” I said. And with that we entered into Donna Karan’s Urban Zen shop on Greenwich Street, New York.

The storefront is filled with draped wardrobe pieces in subdued tones, jewelry made from organic elements, and hand-made house wares. Rachel and I were both intrigued with the large-scale jewelry made by Haitians that Donna collected herself for the shop.

Donna is a big supporter of efforts to build sustainable commerce and donates 10% from her shop sales to help these efforts. I bought two horn vases for an interiors photo shoot we had coming up. The Vietnam vases were expensive at face value, but they are a cost-effective way to help Donna help others.

After I returned from our trip, I read a December Vogue article about Donna and Bill Clinton visiting Haiti recently. They are both striving to help the local people build back their homes and their lives.

Urban Zen is much more than the three shops that house the artisan pieces for sale. Donna supports wellness, education, and the preservation of cultures through her Urban Zen Foundation.

Barbara Schmidt, bstyle, inc., is a nationally recognized interior designer and author whose work is featured in numerous publications, social media and television.

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